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About Pachinko


Pachinko Pictures is the collaborative moniker of artists Ian Gouldstone and David Surman.

They initiated their combined practice in 2010, after relocating to Melbourne Australia, and conceived of the name Pachinko Pictures to describe their shared interest in games, play and representation. They have since returned to London, and continue to work both collaboratively and independently on a wide range of projects. Their collaborative work explores notions of structure and representation in our shared digital vernacular, using the material of videogames and animation as an entry point into larger notions of contemporary culture.

Ian Gouldstone (b. 1979) is a graduate of Harvard University (1997-2001), the Royal College of Art (2003-2005), and Goldsmiths College, University of London (2014-2017). He won the 2007 Short Animation BAFTA for his film ‘guy101’.

David Surman (b. 1981) is a graduate of Newport School of Art (1999-2002), the University of Warwick (2002-2004) and Camberwell College of the Arts (2013-2014).